Weight Loss Step 2: Education

Now that you are motivated to lose weight, education is the second step. The problem is that the internet and media are cluttered with nutritional advice from everyone and their mother. Diets claim that you need to eat certain foods in certain combinations at certain times for magical weight loss. Other diets tell you that these things don’t matter, but you need to cut out sugar or gluten or do a detox diet to fix your liver and your metabolism. I absolutely hate all of the terrible nutrition advice out there. Everyone that knows nothing about the science behind weight loss and nutrition seems to have an opinion because they lost weight once or watched a Youtube video. Or even worse, doctors teach nutrition in half-truths and partial understanding and their word is taken as fact. Weight loss has been commercialized to a ridiculous extent and ruined your ability to find good advice. Some lies about nutrition and weight loss have been repeated so many times that I’ve even met dietitians that believe them. It sucks. I’m sorry it has taken you this long to find scientifically based nutrition advice. The awesome part about the advice that I will provide is that it is flexible to you. If you want long-term results, then you need flexibility. Many people could write a weight loss diet, but I can teach you the principles of weight loss and healthy nutrition that will allow you to make the best and easiest changes for YOU.

Education about what matters.

If you haven’t read Weight Loss Step 1: Motivation, do that first.

It would be way too long to put all educational materials on one page (I might as well write a book!), so I’m going to post links to my suggested articles for people who want to lose weight.

Then, read these articles in this order:

1. The Truth about All Weight Loss Diets

2. The Energy Balance Equation and Using it to Your Advantage While Losing Weight

3. How Many Calories Do You Need?

4. How Much Protein Do You Need?

5. Does a High Protein Diet Really Ruin Your Kidneys?

6. Nutrient Density: A Huge Chunk of Healthy Weight Loss

7. Energy Density: Why Some Healthy Foods Aren’t Good Dieting Foods

Sorry if this article doesn’t really provide anything new for at this time and seems repetitive. This article is more for organization and ease of access in the futures. I also apologize that my list of articles is short and incomplete currently! I hope to begin to tie all of these points together within the next month so that you have a complete weight loss guide. Please be patient and keep checking back!


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