Daily Tip 3: When Vegetables are a Pain

Do you have trouble eating your veggies? Sometimes you probably just want to relax and have an easy lunch or dinner, but that makes getting some of nature’s healthiest noms difficult.  Having to go buy fresh produce every couple days and then taking the time to cook them on a daily basis can be a big pain. In fact, this is probably my own biggest barrier to eating healthy. So what can we do to get our vegetables in without having to go to the store and cook every day?

  1. Always keep frozen and canned veggies on hand for a quick, microwavable option that can save you when you forget to plan!

There is a myth out there that says fresh foods are king, but this isn’t exactly true. Frozen veggies are frozen at the peak of ripeness and usually have just as good, if not better, nutrient content compared to what you get with fresh. Canned vegetables are also canned at the peak of ripeness. However, the canning process kills most of the vitamin C in canned veggies, but you don’t lose all the nutrients and you still get a low Calorie, high fiber food – overall canned veggies are perfectly healthy, just be sure to rinse them off to remove sodium (especially if you have high blood pressure or are at risk for high blood pressure). Canned and frozen veggies can be heated in the microwave for a quick easy addition to a meal.

  1. Raw vegetables are simple, easy options!

What raw veggies do you like? Celery, carrot, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, salad greens like spinach, kale, and romaine, radishes, and peppers are all great options. Buy these and eat them as quick snacks or meals with homemade hummus, low fat-dressings, Walden Farms salad dressings, or this awesome healthy ranch dip to make them taste better. Rice vinegar and lemon juice are low Calorie options to replace salad dressings

Freeze raw veggies if they are about to go bad or make them into a soup!

  1. Prepare you veggies or veggies mixed-dishes ahead of time and refrigerate/freeze!

Make your meals for a couple days in a row when you have more free time. Maybe if you feel like cooking one night, make extra and freeze it. You could also try making a lot of meals every weekend to last you through the week. Stir-fry vegetables, soups, and mixed dishes with plenty of veggies work well for this.

  1. Plan out your meals and have a grocery list!

Make a list of all the veggies that you like and take it with you every time you go to the grocery store. Plan your meals for the week ahead of time. Pick some fresh veggies to eat the next couple days, including veggies that you plan to eat raw as quick, easy meals/snacks, and some frozen and canned vegetables when you won’t feel like cooking. Be specific with you plan, “I’ll have carrots for lunch Monday and Wednesday, celery on Tuesday and Thursday then I’ll add the leftovers to a soup I’ll make on Friday.”


Photo Courtesy of ahmadpi

What are some other tips that you use to make vegetables easier to eat without the trouble of cooking and shopping every day?

Anything to add? Leave a comment! Let me know what you think!

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