Daily Tip 6: Watching the Scale Could Be the Reason You Don’t See that Number Go Down

Do you step on the scale every morning with the hope of results that never seem to come fast enough? Do you get frustrated? I bet it ruined your day when you gained weight even when you did almost everything right. You probably know it’s wrong to let this affect your mood so much, but you can’t help it. You worked so hard and still went in the wrong direction. It’s probably just water weight, but it still hurts. I’ve been there.

This can be so discouraging! But there is a simple solution to this problem that you have probably already thought of while you were reading this – you need to step off the scale! Now this doesn’t mean you never weigh in again. You should still weigh in every week or two to make sure you are on the right track and see if adjustments need to be made to your plan. Mark your calendar and hide your scale away until the next scheduled weigh in to keep the temptation away! Usually a week or two is enough time to see a difference in the scale and motivate you to keep going. The day to day just varies too much and you will be on an emotional roller coaster.


Photo Courtesy of Bahrain Personal Fitness

If you are truly in this for the long haul then you should focus on what’s on your plate and expect a downward weight trend over weeks and months instead of checking on the day to day.

How many of you will need to hide your scale?

15 thoughts on “Daily Tip 6: Watching the Scale Could Be the Reason You Don’t See that Number Go Down

  1. Hi David ..

    Another interesting article .. I know exactly what you are talking about .. I used to measure my weight almost every day since i am on a diet. There is nothing more frustrating than depriving yourself from all the yummy food and then you find out that you barely lost some weight. The scale becomes your enemy which will bring you the bad news in every morning.

    Good job David ..




  2. Reblogged this on foxyolive and commented:
    Don’t be a slave to the scale! I’ve always said that I don’t want to focus on the numbers too much. I know that it’s important to keep a weekly/bi-weekly track. However, there was a time in my life where I stepped on the scale 3 to 4 times a day (yes, most times I used my bathroom). I was obsessed and I would get very upset if the numbers went up. I never want to go back there. My weight fluctuates considerably during the day. Now I focus on getting all things right (excercise, food, trying to keep those stress levels low etc) and have faith that the scale will show the results at my scheduled weigh ins. If it doesn’t then I need to look at where adjustments may need to be made. Jumping on the scale whenever I go to the bathroom is not constructive for me at all! Foxy – O


  3. I’m the kind of person that gets really discouraged if I weigh myself too much. I can tell when I’m losing weight by how I’m feeling and how my clothes fit, and that seems to satisfy me much more than dealing with the constant up and down on the scale! Good tip!


  4. Getting on the scales is exactly my main problem! I’m fighting with my impatience as I know not seeing results would end my diet right away!


    • I totally get it! It’s really hard to put a lot of work into something and resisting the urge to see if it’s working every day – you just have to trust the process and your plan and check for the results once a week 🙂 in the long run checking every week or two will be a better motivator and probably get you the results


  5. Omg! I was doing that all the time checking my weight every day. It did set my mood for the day. And at times made it so discouraging to keep on the diet. Thinking I don’t understand yesterday I ate so little and today how can nothing change or why is it higher than yesterday.

    I stopped doing that when I read your blog last week on Weight Loss Step 1: Motivation and started my new journey on Tues. I have not stepped on that scale since Tues. Thank you sooooo much!!!


  6. i 100000%%% agree with this……since our weight goes up and down all day long via pee, poop or whatever, the scale is unreliable….to me, looser clothes (having buy smaller clothes) is a TRUE and accurate sign if you are losing weight……i do not own a scale..i weigh once a month at my dr’s office….but i mainly go by my clothes size…..from 30 to now a 12/14…..so far so good………great post david.


    • Yeah definitely! Clothes size and inches can be more reliable. For new weight lifters that are losing weight slowly, sometimes clothes may be slightly tighter initially so I avoided making that broad conclusion in this post – but for most, you are definitely right. Clothes size is a good indicator 🙂

      I really appreciate all of your support and useful commentary on my blog posts recently. It makes me excited to write more!


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