Daily Tip 8: A Tool to Motivate You to Get Fit

No, I’m not talking about that one loud meathead at your local gym. He is too busy rolling up his sleeves and posing in front of the mirror. I’m talking about Fitocracy. Fitocracy is a great website for tracking your workouts and seeing your progress. You get “points” for exercising and gain levels as you go. It’s awesome to look back at your workouts from a year ago and see how much you have improved! If that doesn’t appeal to you, it’s also a great place to find a supportive community that will encourage you to better yourself. You can join What Matters Nutrition Fitocracy group and we can create our own community. If you read my article Weight Loss Step 1: Motivation, then you know how important motivation and social support are to reaching your goals.

Feel free to follow me on Fitocracy (my profile is linked above) – I’ll be sure to follow you back!can

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10 thoughts on “Daily Tip 8: A Tool to Motivate You to Get Fit

    • I will have to write a quick tutorial in a future post. Once you sign up click “track.” This takes you to the page where you can track your workouts. You type in the exercise that you did (squats, running, walking, steps, ect). Then you can drag the exercise over to where it says “Drag exercise here to start.” After that you can type in how many pounds you lifted, distance or time you walked/ran ect and end your workout. At the top of the page you can do a search for What Matters Nutrition and join the group with me and some others.
      Sorry I can’t give you a full tutorial of all the features right now. It’s going to take you some time to get used to it, but it once you do it’s great.


  1. tell us about paleo- one of my crossfit coaches told me i should do it between losing weight and crossfit but i’m skeptical and i feel like i would have to give everything up. is there anything you posted about it or do you know anything about it? if not could i request some help if you know anything? 🙂 if not no biggie! thanks!


    • Ok, I’ll definitely write an article about paleo in the future! I wish I could do it now but I’ve been swamped with school. Sorry for the late response.

      Basically, paleo provides no additional benefits above a normal balanced weight loss diet. The main points of the paleo diet are cutting out foods that our ancestors didn’t eat like beans, most nuts, dairy and grains -especially gluten. The logic behind why they want you to cut these out is flawed and I will address in my future article. In fact cutting out these foods may be detrimental to your health and are not realistic long-term changes that lost people can make.

      Crossfit is ok in that it gets women to lift heavy weights, but because they mix very difficult weight lifting movements with trying to hurry to meet a time limit – it can be kind of dangerous. I would recommend not mixing your weight lifting and cardio like crossfit does. BUT if you have a really good crossfit coach that cares a lot about form and less about time AND crossfit is something that you find fun/ see as a workout that you can stick to long term, then it might be worth doing.

      So basically: no paleo, maybe crossfit

      I hope this helped!


      • i just wanted to get someone who knew more to offer an opinion about paleo, i didn’t like the idea of it being so restrictive. i’ve been doing the crossfit thing about a month and a half now and i haven’t had any issues, luckily. i started with a beginner program that focuses on form and technique which is a requirement everyone has to do. i enjoy crossfit and the challenge of it, because i don’t like the treadmill/running type cardio so this was the best option for me. i limit myself to 3 times a week so i don’t overdo it. maybe down the line i can add one more once i get more fit but this has worked perfectly for me! the paleo just seems like telling yourself “no” all the time.


      • It sounds like you are someone who Crossfit can really work for so it’s great that you found it. I’m glad you’ve decided against paleo instead of always forcing yourself to say no. That’s no way to live.


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