How a (Future) Dietitian Does a Diet Part 2

Weight Loss Step 1: Motivation  (please read this article before beginning)

I have said this before – motivation is the first step to weight loss. If you don’t have it, you won’t be successful for long. It’s something that needs to be addressed before anyone starts to make changes to his or her diet and I am no exception to this rule. My motivation is very high right now – about a 9 out of 10. The biggest demotivators that I addressed in the article I linked to above aren’t an issue for me. I love myself, I know I can lose this weight, and I’ve never failed at it before. However, a demotivator for me is comparing myself to other weight lifters. I don’t get too caught up in it because I don’t have body image issues, but every once in a while it can be discouraging for me to see others that are more successful than me at something that I put time and effort in to. Another thing that can be demotivating is that sometimes I don’t have the full support of others – specifically my parents and other older people. I look healthy, so therefore some people that don’t understand why or how I’m losing the weight are worried that I’m starving myself or being unhealthy. I know what I’m doing though. In reality, I’m at about 19% body fat and would be healthier in the 10-15% body fat range.

I’m also keeping a motivation “journal” as mentioned in the above article and here is what I have in it:

All the things motivating me to lose weight

  • I want to be at a healthier body fat percentage.
  • I want to look better and leaner – maybe even get my 6 pack to come back.
  • I want to lift the same weights on the squat and deadlift that I do now at a lower weight of 180-185 lbs.
  • I want my acid-reflux to go away (started once I passed 200 lbs).
  • I want my jeans, dress pants, and slim-fit dress shirts to fit me comfortably again.
  • I want to wake up not feeling lethargic and “full.”

I’ll be looking at this list every day for the first couple weeks to remind myself why I’m doing this.

Social Support

Here is who I have told about my plan to lose weight and who I plan to keep in contact with to keep me accountable while I lose weight.

  • You and my other blog followers
  • Girlfriend, girlfriend’s sister, my brother, a couple other friends.
  • Fitocracy (Fitness website, click to sign up so you can follow me and my workouts)

Using Progress to Motivate Me

As I notice progress, I will be blogging about it and writing it down to remind myself of the results I’m getting from following my weight loss plan. I’m also going to reward myself for meeting my weight loss goals – in fact, I made a bet that I could lose weight on I joined two “diet bet” games on this website that I could lose 4% of my bodyweight (about 8.3 lbs) in the next 28 days. I bet $60 worth of money and people that win usually make at least 1.5x of what they bet, so losing means losing at least $90 which is enough of a reward for a cheapo like me  🙂

For the scale to motivate me, I’m limiting myself to weekly weigh-ins. In fact, I’m hiding my scale where I won’t see it every day – out of sight, out of mind. Why? If I weigh myself every day, I will get discouraged on days that I don’t lose weight or even gain weight. Water weight fluctuates several pounds day to day so it’s pointless for most people to measure themselves daily anyway. If you think you have this problem too, please read my article Watching the Scale Could Be the Reason You Don’t See that Number Go Down.

Finally, I took before pictures and will take after pictures to motivate me. I won’t be posting the shirtless ones because that’s not exactly the most professional thing to do in my line of work, but I will offer some before and after pictures of the scale and pictures where I have a shirt on.



Anything to add? Leave a comment! Let me know what you think!

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