About Me

Hi everyone!

I’m David Brewer a Registered Dietitian in central Ohio. I got interested into nutrition, weight lifting, and being healthy several years ago when I was overweight and wanted to change. It seems like a lifetime ago – I’ve lost the weight and gained some back as muscle. I’m happier, healthier, and more confident than I was six years ago. If you are overweight, I truly hope that I can help to change your life the way I changed mine.


The internet and media are cluttered with nutritional advice from the Paleo fad to detox/cleanse diets, Dr. Oz’s latest supplements for weight loss, and the gluten-free diet, etc. Everybody seems confused about what to do – what matters. My goal is to provide clarity and provide you with the knowledge to empower you to maximize your control over your health. You need to know what will make the biggest difference in your health, weight loss, or other goals.

The advice on this blog is not intended to replace what your doctor or dietitian have told you (although, I will admit that most doctors have received very little education on nutrition). When advice on this blog contradicts the recommendations of these healthcare professionals, it may be because you have a condition that requires more specific nutritional considerations. If you have a medical condition that is related to nutrition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, pre-diabetes, cancer, COPD, weight loss, kidney failure, liver disease, gallbladder removal, IBS,  diarrhea, constipation, gas, or acid reflux, then I can help with that too.

I appreciate any feedback on my blog and you can ask me questions on the Q&A page! There is no such thing as a bad question. Please like this page and/or follow me if you want to see my blog posts in the future!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I followed Muffins and Mocha over here, because Van Gogh is my favourite painter. :0) Pleasure to meet you! Way to go on dropping the weight, by the way, and on the school thing. I’m in my 5th college year; I had to take Nutrition (and Lifetime Fitness and Wellness), both of which are jam-packed with food science, as you might suspect. (I made A’s in both, reluctantly. ;0)

    Good for you for turning your life around. x


    • It’s nice to meet you too! I’ll be following you. Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I should probably clarify that losing the weight feels like it was a lifetime ago… haha.

      I hope my blog isn’t too basic for you after getting perfect grades in those classes 😉


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