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  1. Hi there!!

    I’ve been trying to find something on the Internet and can’t seem to find an answer- I though that maybe you could help. I’m working nights only and since I’ve started this horrible lifestyle, I can’t loose weight. I eat two meals a day and only fruits during the night. Do you think that earing 5 small meals from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep could help? I don’t really sleep a lot so I’m up about 18 hours a day. I’d be so grateful for a tip!


    • Do you get really hungry and tend to overeat or eat unhealthy foods when eating only 2 meals per day? If so, then yes eating smaller, more frequent meals may help. I wouldn’t get your mind stuck on 5 meals per day. It doesn’t really boost your metabolism to eat 5 or more meals per day – that is an old myth. Plus, 5 meals per day may not fit your lifestyle.

      Increasing to 3-4 meals may prevent you from getting super hungry and overeating.

      Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure or be more specific without knowing more about you. If you are interested in nutrition counseling through skype, please let me know.


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